The Dandy Hour Episode 7 Summer Special


01 Gameplan-The Dandelion Set
02 Radio Sweden interval signal
03 Cosmic Ice-cream van(extract) -The Dandelion Set
04 Death Wish – Geoff Love & his Orchestra
05 Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz -Illes
06 Primitive Spirit – Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen
07 Prologue – Pierre Henry
08 Sonic re-entry -Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
09 Along came Sam -Spleen
10 Rainbows -Madvillain
11 Altarra,Princess of the Blue Women -Julian’s Treatment
12 Sonne = Blackbox -Ursula Bogner
13 Glass Menagerie Fantasies -Bob Trimble
14 Love without sound -White Noise
15 Emperor’s main course -Kid Koala
16 I Spy- Dick Hyman
17 Riding Tigers -Slapp Happy & Henry Cow
18  Man from nowhere – Jack Arel
19 Singing in the dark -Bruno Spoerri
20 Xylophagus -Eddie Warner
21 Pamela – Ultimate Spinach
22 Wild Trumpets -Pierre Dutour
23 Speck Vormess -Fid Mella
24 Danse & Atoms -Focus Group
25 Holy Wood -The Dandelion Set


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