The Dandy Hour Episode 10


01  Gameplan – The Dandelion Set
02  Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Pt 1 –  King Crimson
03  The Bob (Medley) – Roxy Music
04  Chapter 24 – Pink Floyd
05  Do you like Worms? -The Beach Boys
06  Rotary Hop – The High Llamas
07  Mind Flowers – Ultimate Spinach
08  Bottom Rung – The Dandelion Set
09 One Million years ago – Broadcast & the Focus Group
10  By this River -Brian Eno
11 Song for Insane times  -Kevin Ayers
12 You’re too Incomprehensible -Tages
13 Red Chair Fade Away – The Bee-Gees
14 Stranded in time -The United States Of America
15 The Moon is Down -Gentle Giant
16 Teenbeat Reprise – Henry Cow
17 It must be a Camel – Frank Zappa


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