The Dandy Hour Episode 19


1. Gameplan- (pioneer version) The Dandelion set
2. It’s that man again – The Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra
3. The End of a Robot – Science Fiction Dance Party
4. Papa Jimmy –  Coutinho e seu Conjunto
5. Ext from ‘The Prisoner’
6. O Futuro pertenece a jovem vanguardia   – Max de Castro
7. Ext from ‘The Prisoner’
8. Virgin Forest -The Fugs
9. Kill the Great Raven -Snakefinger
10. The Garden is a Picture – Moon Wiring Club
11. Eskaton -Eskaton
12 Sysyphus – Richard Wright with unknown ext from ‘Jackanory’
13. Water -Third Ear Band
14. My game of Loving – White Noise
15. The Flower  – North Sea Radio Orchestra
16. Almost had a weakness – Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet
17. Garden Botanum – These Trails
18. Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong – Kevin Ayers
19. Rest Aria – The Residents
20. Urchins of Shermêse –  The Half Mantis Group
21.  Disconnected song –  Janko Nilovic
22. Moerris dancing – Art Bears
23. Several Species of small furry animals  –  Roger Waters
24. 2000 Light Years from Home -The Rolling Stones


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