The Dandy Hour Episode 21

1.The Dandelion Set – Game Plan (Wade in Treacle version)
2. Eskimo Girls – Childrens games  (extract)
3. Captain Beefheart -Dali’s Car  (extract)
4. Les Baxter -Tell him Mr Sun (extract)
5. Les Baxter – Tropicana  (extract)
6. Amon Duul II -The Marilyn Munroe Memorial Church  (extract)
7. Umlaut – Atlas Face
8. Death and Vanilla -Ascend and Descend
9. Testbild – Monochrome Kaleidoscope
10. Mouse Deer – The Warning
11. King Crimson -Happy Family
12. Egisto Macchi – Crostacei  (extract)
13. David Axelrod – Mucho Chupar
14. Lubos Fiser – Awakening (OST ‘Valerie and her Week of Wonders’)  (extract)
15  Faust  – Läuft…Heisst Das es Läuft oder es kommt bald?
16.These Trails – Share your water
17. Knifeworld – The Prime of our Decline
18. Umlaut -The Horrible things we say.
19  Peter Thomas       –  Dead sea  (extract)
20  Pears/Benjamin Brittain – Persephone (Billy Bottle remix)   (extract)
21  Lubos Fiser -The Visit (extract)
22  Alain Legrand,Luc Aulivier,Serge Danot & Jacques Charriere -The Magic
Roundabout  (extract)
23  Peter Thomas      –   Dead Sea  (extract)
24  Testbild – A second Sun
25  Stark Reality – Shooting Stars
26. The Dandelion Set – Cosmic Variations
27. Brian Protheroe – Lady Belladonna


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