Continuous Play – our new mix series on Sine FM

A series of brand new mixes for Doncaster-based radio station Sine FM begins with a Sinjin Makepeace selection featuring skewed beats, mellotronic excursions and cold heaters losing it on the moors….

Listen to Continuous Play Episode One

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A Thousand Strands 1975-2015 – some reactions to the music

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“A weirdo undisputed package of  tunes from a world behind TV scenes… So (many) different directions in it, indie, pop, rock, jazz, a channel for everyone… Lost the sense of time, I’m not sure if this a new album or a reissue or a compilation… Totally hypnotized. And this as a result, it is magic! Fave tune the psychedelic Balearic ‘’Sun Jah’’…”
Dj Nova, Radio Presenter, Promoter, Compiler & Tastemaker

“Brilliant – what a breath of fresh air”
Karl Hyde, Underworld

“Taps into the psyche of William S Burroughs across a noir gouged sonic backdrop”
Mark Barton, Losing Today

“With pinpoint accuracy they bounce between strange visions of utopia gone to the dogs and a very unnerving yet calm familiarity”
Peter Marks, Santa Sangre Magazine

“A refreshing hybrid of skewed lysergic pop & happily unclassifiable leftfield oddness. Diverse & entertaining, with just the right degree of occasional menace”
James Papademetrie, The Séance

“Full of eclecticism & quality underground grooves. I love the whole album, especially Harp Ascend, Comic Flux History” and the jazzy preludes”
Enrique Domenech

“Interesting & quirky – Buried Treasure has become a hub for authenticity and substance”

“Absolutely the best album of 2016 I’ve received so far”
DJ Kaspar, Portugal

“On the Melodica Radio Show next week – a lovely album”
Chris Coco, Radio Melodica

“Love it. Faves are Judy Switched Off The TV, Tone Garden, Nine Regal, Imogen’s People, Another Suburban Romance”
Strictly Kev / DJ Food, Ninja Tune

“Fabulous! Fans of Pram will love it – 60’s psych, library music, occasional shades of Anthony Newley, Michael Garrick-esque jazz, analogue synths and echoey, creaking spaces”
Matt Saunders, Assembled Minds

“An amazing, cinematic, cosmic adventure into sound – it’s like daydreaming!”
Azaxx, Tru Thoughts

“A corker of an album – imagine Stereolab, Soft Machine and all points in between, including spoken word by Alan Moore!”
Jez Butler, The Twelve Hour Foundation

“Captures the whimsical psychedelia of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, but takes darker turns, leading into sparse, unnerving, dystopian landscapes, then flashes quickly back to more groovy sounds”
Dan – TheLeftHandside

Max Reindhart, The Late Junction – BBC Radio 3, UK

“If this is not a score to a movie yet, it should be! Invoking scenes from the past, present and future” Morning Steppa

“This is REALLY good – awesome release!”
Neil Bopperson, Wah Wah 45s

“a proper album – all killer tracks, the sort you can listen to over and over. 5/5” Alex Cooper, Freezepeach Radio

“Superb album”
Robert Lochmann, Radio X, Frankfurt

“Dig it a lot – will play on my weekly show on radio campus Brussels. Top stuff, new & wonderful”
DJ Morpheus / Samy Birnbach

“A proper album – all killer, the sort you can listen to over & over. 5/5”
Alex Cooper, Freezepeach Radio (UK)

“Great! Hard to believe it was recorded in the present day – really captures the sound from eras past”
Jason Pulaski – KUCI, Ubiquity, USA

“Love it! Imagination & power – progressive music”
Javi P3z, Spain

“Turns in, out & upside down like a cosmic Rubik snake”
Craig Burston, Skipratmedia, UK

“This gets my full support & airplay – another blooming marvellous Buried Treasure release”
Chris Holt – Four Corners Radio, Preston, UK

“What a release – killer from start to finish”
Niksa Dragolin – Zsubaka radio , Croatia

“Top notch as always – brace yourselves for airplay!”
Jim Pinckney – RadioNZ, New Zealand

“When DJ Food of Ninja Tune fame recommends this to you as soon as it’s released, you know your onto a good thing. The cosmic sounds of psychedelic electronic prog rock, lounge and a wee bit of space jazz mesh to sound like the illegitimate offspring of a 60’s Soft Machine with a touch of 90’s Air. Favorite track: Judy Switched Off The TV.”

DJ HDD, Sydney Australia

Get a free download of “Dark Doorway Launderettes” on bandcamp here